Waste / Wastewater

Water is one of the most important resources without which the world cannot get along, but the resource is fast depleting due to failing monsoons and over exploitation of ground water resource. Lot of education is therefore happening to conserve water on one side and also avoid wastage of this valuable resource on the other side.  Waste water treatment as a part of recycling of the same to reuse has become increasingly important these days.  Waste water treatment is a process which has several stages involving different operations.   Sedimentation, filtration, chemical treatment, dis-coloring, ultra-violet rays-exposure, injection of additives such as minerals, etc., are some of the processes which are part of the waste water treatment processes.  As there are several processes involving variety of operations, automation systems in such processes have been found essential.  PLC range of automation systems in Waste water treatment is ideal for monitoring and controlling the operations for effective treatment to bring out desired purification levels before the water becomes fit for consumption.  The PLC range of automation systems also is effectively applicable for water transportation and distribution purposes through pipelines, etc., in the post-treatment stages.

Wiztech Automation undertakes to execute projects involving automations systems to monitor and control various types of operations in Waste water treatment.  Knowing the exact needs of the clients, Wiztech offers solutions through supply and erection of systems and also subsequent services involved for the systems to give uninterrupted service.  Wiztech has the needed infrastructure, facilities & qualified and experienced technical personnel to undertake erection, commissioning, maintenance & rectification services.