System Integration

Grouping together of sub-systems into one single system is known as a System Integration.  The sub-systems thus grouped together function as a single system.  In other words an integrated system is a group of subsystems working in coordination. System integration brings in value addition and increased dynamism.  The integration could include software systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering and interface protocols.  And System integration is more a process in breadth rather than in depth.

Wiztech Automation undertakes to execute projects & services in regard to System integration in automation systems to monitor and control various types of operations in industrial and other areas.  Knowing the exact needs of the clients, Wiztech offers solutions through supply and erection of systems and also subsequent services involved for the systems to give uninterrupted service.  Wiztech has the needed infrastructure, facilities & qualified and experienced technical personnel to undertake erection, commissioning, maintenance & rectification services.