Power Generation

The words Power and energy are used one for the other in common parlance.  Power is actually – energy used per unit time.  Energy is one requirement without which the activities in the whole world would come to a standstill.  Sources of energy are many, Hydro electric, coal and fossil fuel based energy, atomic energy, solar energy, etc.  Production of energy is one of the largest part of industries of a state or centre. Power generation thus occupies the top position in the manufacturing sectors. There are public and private power/energy generation plants.  All these plants are set up based on the consumption and the steadily rising demand.  All the power generation plants – be it coal based, diesel fired or even atomic power plants – involve several operations and all the operations are crucial and have to be monitored and controlled with utmost care in order to generate uninterruptedly and supply, to ensure high safety and also to avoid wastages.  PLC range of automation systems in Power & energy generation and distribution is essential to monitor and control various operations

Wiztech Automation undertakes to execute projects involving automations systems to monitor and control various types of operations in Power generation.  Knowing the exact needs of the clients, Wiztech offers solutions through supply and erection of systems and also subsequent services involved for the systems to give uninterrupted service.  Wiztech has the needed infrastructure, facilities & qualified and experienced technical personnel to undertake erection, commissioning, maintenance & rectification services.