Chemical Industries are diverse in nature.  Based on the type of operations, the outputs and the corresponding processes, the requirements of automation systems in Chemical Industries vary.  The processes in general involve volumetric, thermal and pressure based operations and for every such operation automation system to monitor & control is essential in Chemical IndustriesPLC range of automation systems takes care of all the operations and ensures that the series of operations are smooth and effective, so that the desired levels of quality & quantity based production is realized.

Wiztech Automation undertakes to execute projects involving automations systems to monitor and control various types of operations in chemical industries.  Knowing the exact needs of the clients, Wiztech offers solutions through supply and erection of systems and also subsequent services involved for the systems to give uninterrupted service.  Wiztech has the needed infrastructure, facilities & qualified and experienced technical personnel to undertake erection, commissioning, maintenance & rectification services.